Birthstone Necklaces to Gift Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day

Should you buy a costly diamond pendant for your girlfriend? Or well that could be a pretty expensive issue! So, why not gift a pair of gold earrings?

But, what if she doesn’t like the gift and finds it too bland? Do you mind if below here you get the best gift advice for your girlfriend?

birthstone necklace

Well, there is something you can get for your girlfriend without creating much distress on your budget. It is something she will surely recognise and admire and something which will hold a deep meaning to her. It is her birthstone.

So, first and foremost, let’s find out what her birthstone is and plan your gift accordingly.

January: Is she a Jan born? Well she surely desires exuberance then! Give her what she desires. Her lucky stone is deep burgundy Garnet. Embed it in a necklace and present it to her.

February: A Feb born girlfriend can be gifted an amazing Amethyst ring. The beautiful lavender color will make her always think of whenever she sees her fingers.

March: Surely icy aquamarine is designed for her. Choose it as a pendant or as a pair of earrings and present it to your March born girlfriend.

April: So, your queen was born in April, why not gift her diamonds then! Yes, they are her lucky birthstone. Satiate her majesty with beautiful diamond necklace.

May: Emeralds are just the perfect gift for May born girls. She will love to show it off on her fingers and savor its lucky charm forever.

June: Pearls depict virtue and purity. And, in any case it is a perfect choice of jewelry for women all ages. Gift her a pair of white pearl earrings or a pearl strand.

July: Red rubies will make a special gift for your lady. Being her lucky stone, it instils self-esteem and confidence in its wearer.

August: Present your girlfriend with lemon colored stone. It will fill her life with freshness, vibrancy and colors. Gift her a peridot pendant and compliment her neckline with its amazing grace.

September: Blue sapphire is the most sought after stone when it comes reviving a person. Gift it to your September born girlfriend in the form of a lovely necklace. Include beautiful danglers of blue sapphire and complete your gift.

October: Opals form to be the birthstone for October born. The stone may not be highly appealing, but it forms to be a lovely ring and impresses a million when worn rightly.

November: The honey colored, yellow citrine is the best stone for November born. Get a Citrine stud for her as a gift this year.

December: Bring blue topaz for your queen to add poised, cool and vivid taste to her life.

You can also choose combinations to craft the perfect birthstone necklaces for girlfriends because what matters to her is your effort and heartfelt sentiments attached to the gift. So, buy her birthstone and gift her as a piece of jewelry this year to make her feel very special and loving.


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